Monday, December 28, 2009


Outside Pets

If you have outdoor pets like a dog, cat, horse, etc., please, PLEASE, have shelter from the weather and toss in some straw (or something similar) for bedding material. If you can't do this for your pet then try to find your pet a new home.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours,
We hope you have happy, safe,
and Merry Christmas!

Bo, Lucinda & MaKaleigh Rose McCarty

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Salt, ice, sidewalks

Before you toss salt to melt the snow or ice on your driveway, porch, sidewalk, etc., make sure it's safe for the surface! Salt will eat concrete.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Pets. Critters.

It is the time of the year to remember the pets and critters around your home.

Pets should have shelter from the weather. Find something that works for you and the pet.

If you have a pet outside make sure it's got good bedding. A bale of straw goes along way in keeping your pet warm and dry.

If you have a pet that runs loose think about the delivery people, utility people and those whom travel the public areas near your home. If you expect a package and you have a dog that looks aggressive you may miss the delivery. Utilility bills may be estimated too.

Wild critters. You can feed the birds, deer etc., but they are not pets! Now, if you have bears don't feed them. Be smart. Be safe.



It is time to buy!

Home prices are falling, the inventory is great and interest rates are LOW! Don't forget about the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit and the Move-Up Repeat Home Buyer Tax Credit that are available. Follow this link or Google for more info.

Use a Realtor! If you need a Realtor contact me and I'll arrange for someone to contact you, regardless of where you live!

Happy Home Hunting!


Okay back to the Blogging Board!

I'll try to blog several times a week from this point forward.

Most the time blogs will be regarding real estate or bluegrass, but knowing me as I know me we could venture into other topics of mutual interest.

If there are any topics or things you'd like to hear me blog about just shoot an email to me

Seasons Greetings!

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